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Madolan Gothic

madolan in madisonwi

Flash mob: zombies

Montreal had one. San Francisco had one. Austin, Texas had one. Vancouver, too.

Madison is the next city to face the shambling undead hordes.

At 2pm on Saturday, October 22, zombie fans will assemble in full costume to kick off Zombie Lurch 2005. Join us! We'll meet on the Capitol steps (Carroll/Mifflin side), shamble down State Street with stops for tasty brains and beverages, and end at the Union Terrace for even more beverages.

To add a particularly Madisonian touch, it's not just a Zombie Walk but a Zombie Protest. Fight for zombie rights by bringing a protest sign, sandwich board, or customized t-shirt. With slogans like Let Zombies Walk!, The undead are people too! Open your heart and mind to zombies, or even an eloquent ARGH, we'll raise public consciousness for the plight of our cannibalistic brothers and sisters. What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want it? BRAINS!

Please supply your own zombie makeup and clothing. But zombies are 80% attitude, so join in no matter what state of decomposition you're in.

Aim questions, ideas, or intent to participate at zombielurch@gmail.com or madolan@gmail.com. Hope to see you at Zombie Lurch!

EDIT TO ADD: See my recap here! Links to photo galleries, press coverage, and memories of the lurch. Thanks to everyone who helped, supported, and/or participated!


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Sounds really cool. I passed it along to my SF club list. Lurch on!
Thanks for spreading the word!

(I like your icon, too.)
Sounds HIlarious.
Our lurching and shambling will terrify all who behold us. Or at least make them smile.


So, what's a good place for brains on State St.?

I checked chowhound.com for suggestions, but nobody had posted anything.
This is exactly the reason why we're protesting. The fascist health departments of this country do not allow restaurants to serve fresh human brains. Vegans have restaurants, as to carnivores. People who want to load up on fast-food have plenty of options, no matter what ethnic cuisine you're looking for, you've got choices. But try to find one, just one brain joint, and there's nothing.


Seattle had one too.
Shit, I wish I could go, but I'll be working. Please to shuffle by the University Bookstore?
UBS is on the route! Maybe a couple zombies could pop in and ask to be directed to the cookbooks...
who organizes these? is there some group that sponsers them across the country, or is it just random people getting them together? is there a site where you can go and find all the different ones?
The only common trait among them seems to be an interest in seeing lots of zombies in a public space. Many are grassroots events organized online. Montreal and Austin had purposes-- to attack cosplayers and American Idol hopefuls. Others just want to see zombies on public trasnsporation, in fast food restaurants, and in graveyards.

I know of an upcoming zombie art exhibit in Chapel Hill, NC, but nothing in Virginia, I'm afraid...
I wish I was in Madison. You know, so I could feast on the flesh of the living. Not be devoured by the evil, undead hordes. You got that, right?
I mean, you'd have to be living under a rock not to know-- What'd you say your name was. "Michael" : Michael Jackson.
Ahahahaha this will be great.
Sure, the one Saturday in months where I have to work...
I know people who juggle their schedules to work as a nurse a few nights a week when dad's home or to work one day while the kids stay with grandma and one Saturday when the kids are with dad.
thanks for the warning, so if i come downtown saturday i won't try to drive over anyone in my zombie smasher.
Does anyone mind if I bring a camera down to UBS and/or Capitol (depending on how energetic I feel, I'm kinda sick right now) around that time? *puppy dog eyes* I'll share them after! I have a digital and I take pics at events all the time, so I have a site set up and everything. Please?

*reads newer comments* Oh, you've offered photographer to someone else. But you can always use two. :D
We'd definitely like more than one! I was only trying to ensure that we had at least one camera with us. Thanks for the offer. I hope you're well enough to come out.


Oi! Would the folks running this bad boy mind giving me a call...?
josh 516-9141

*cough* beer sponsor *cough*
Zombies don't drink beer, you putz. Pure BRAIN Rage.
I'm going to be visiting Madison with my 68-year-old mom that day. I told her about this and she thought it was hilarious. I don't think we're going to eat any brains, but we'll probably be taking pictures :)
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