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Reply Hazy, Ask Again Later

Support your local restaurants: Tapas Rias

If you like to nibble on a lot of little tapas plates, you have got to check out Tapas Rias over in Middleton. I don't work for the place or know the owners... I just ate there this evening. We had incredibly good food and the place was half empty. Seriously, don't miss this restaurant. It's buried in a little strip mall and is a little hard to find (particularly since they don't always light up their sign!), but totally worth a little effort. Our dining companions said the tapas were easily as good (or better) than the dishes they ate in Spain.

We ate a bunch of different things, from grilled calamari to meatballs to garlic shrimp to a sort of eggy omelet thing. All delicious. We tried a couple of desserts as well. My husband enjoyed a mojito and I had two glasses of fruit-laden sangria.

Next time you feel like patronizing a non-chain restaurant, consider Tapas Rias!
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