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red5_standingby in madisonwi

Area Foodie, Cooking or Dining Groups?

Hey LJ people.

I like food, a lot.  Somewhat of an amature foodie. I was wondering if there were any foodie, dining or cooking clubs in the area?  I ate at Sardine last week and it was really  great.  Thought it would be fun to find other like minded people and learn some things while enjoying the wonderful Madison culinary scene.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or info.

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Don't know of foodie groups, but hope you are reading http://www.madisonatoz.com/ , the Eating Madison A to Z blog.
Yes, I love that blog.
Don't know if this is what you had in mind, but it might be worth looking into.
I'm kinda confused as to what you're looking for so I'll just toss some foodie stuff out there and do with it what you will.

http://undergroundfoodcollective.org/ Does some cool get togethers and cooking classes.

http://fermentmadison.org/fm/# These people get together and do tastings of local ingredients.

Vom Fass does some pretty neat classes at Whole Foods which are a good way to meet other foodies.

http://slowfooduw.wordpress.com/ Has links to a bunch of other local foodies things.

Good luck, I've been trying to start a cooking club the entire time I lived in Madison, alas no luck and now I'm off to Portland so it is apparently not meant to be.
There was madison foodies but it looks like it died with my last comment back at the beginning of 2009. Maybe it could be resuscitated?
Yeah, I wondered what happened to the Madison Foodies LJ...I'd be game for resurrecting it :)
WoW, those are some great suggestions and I didn't even know of any of those except for the atoz blog. I'll have to check them out. :)

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