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This afternoon my parents and I decided to grab a late lunch at the new restaurant Oysy. By late I mean we got there at about 3:50pm. I've been eagerly anticipating it opening, and was excited to see the banners all over the place stating that it was their grand opening.

We got into the place which still looks an awful lot like the Tumbleweed it used to be. The ceiling has been painted yellow and the booths are still the same. Where the bar used to stand there are now six buffet stations. On the three stations were many different seafood, chicken and fruit dishes. The back three were ice cream, sushi and what I assume was hibachi, it wasn't running at that time. We were sat right away and the place was pretty much empty. Its their opening day so they had employees out trying all the food. It was a little odd.

The food itself was pretty standard. The sushi was admittedly very fresh but the rest of what they had was not as much. My father tried some of the ribs and they were pretty blackened. I had some of the teriyaki chicken but again it was a bit over. These things are all pretty standard when you go to a buffet at not peak hours. The problem that we had with them was that every table that came in after we did was told "We're switching over to dinner at 4:30pm, why don't you come back then?"

The service otherwise was fine, my root beer was refilled every time I emptied it and she was a generally friendly and personable server. She didn't know a lot about their menu and couldn't answer a couple of my questions about what they were going to serve come dinner time. She seemed embarrassed that she couldn't and responded with "Its our first day we still aren't so sure whats going on."

I grabbed one of the "menus" on the way out and I'd be lying if I said I weren't a little offended that it reads "The First and Only Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Town!"

Lunch prices are $10.99 per person and it doesn't include drinks, and dinner is $21.99.

I'm probably going to give them another go for dinner sometime but at that price its going to have to wait for a special occasion.
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