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jujuube in madisonwi

What happens if you don't pay a parking ticket?

^ question.

My ex, who lives in Illinois, got a parking ticket in Madison a year ago and never paid it. Nothing happened. I have a Wisconsin license plate, but I don't live in Madison and I don't plan to be in Madison again.

I'm not looking for people to chide me; I want to know if anyone has any experience or knows anything to answer my question. Thank you. :)


Suspended or revoked license. Just because you don't have a WI license or don't plan to go back to the town you got it in, doesn't mean they can't find you.

Sorry, the law is the law and the longer you wait the less of a sense of humor they tend to have about it.
That's what I thought, so I'm just confused how my ex got away with it. :\
As I understand it, there is no inter-state database for who owes for parking, so if Illinois doesn't check with the other states, they do not know if you have a ticket somewhere else.
There may not be an inter-state database for who owes for parking, BUT Madison in particular suspends the plates on the car that got ticketed if it's not paid in a certain period of time. If you get pulled over, no matter what state you are in they will see that your plates are suspended. I got an $85 ticket for driving my partner's car with suspended plates. We didn't even know we had an outstanding ticket. IT sucked!

Re: the registered owner of the plate is responsible unless they prove in court otherwise

the longer you wait the less of a sense of humor they tend to have about it

tru dat.

the registered owner of the plate is responsible unless they prove in court otherwise

1) notice will be sent to address and person to whom the plates are registered
2) fine doubles
3) court costs are added when you are found guilty by default (a year ago, has already happened). notice is sent to person registered to those plates, at address registered
4) if unpaid long enough, or if multiple unpaid tickets pile up, the city may choose to prosecute, leading to:
5) registration is revoked
6) DL may be revoked
7) can't renew plates
8) a bench warrant may be issued for that person's arrest, meaning if they are stopped in any state that has a compact with WI, that person can be arrested.

Re: the registered owner of the plate is responsible unless they prove in court otherwise

I have had all of the above happen to me. Just pay it.
actually, in WI they can't confiscate your car for suspended registration, instead, they'll either
a) ticket you and tell you that you can't drive it home, and need to get it towed, but then they leave, and most people then drive it home.
b) arrest you and call a tow truck for you: that truck can tow it to your house.
I'm going to assume she was driving your car or something.

When they ticket a car for parking violation, they take down the plate...they don't track down whoever is driving. "Something will happen" when you are next pulled over, or go to renew your plate. Just pay it...its a lot less hassle.
Of course, if you never get pulled over, you can go for years and years without any consequences. I knew people who got tickets in college that they didn't pay and had nothing happen to them until a chance brush with the law 15+ years later.

Really, your best bet is to flee to a non-extradition treaty country and claim political refugee status.
OH yeah, you'll have trouble renewing plates or buying a new car and transferring plates with outstanding tickets.

It sucks, but thats what happens when you break up with someone: you lose money or personal property. See "Song for The Dumped" by Ben Folds Five.

better song by far

"In Love" - Ben Fold *and* William F'in Shatner performing as "Fear of Pop."
See "Song for The Dumped" by Ben Folds Five.

A wonderful song.
Pay it now. Illinois, at least Chicago, has a statute for two unpaid parking tickets, tied to your license plate, to boot your car. I'm not sure if it applies to local or not local, but any more than that, and your car gets towed to the firebelching, most unfun place in Chicago I've been, the impound lot. Cash only, scary darkness, etc. They pick your car up with a forklift and put it down in an uncaring fashion. You don't want that to happen. Please pay it so I don't have to worry about you.
Yeah, he needs to pay it. He will not be able to renew his license plates when they come due. We had an over due one from Wisc Dells, serious pain in the butt. All was well once it was paid.
Be sure which agency the ticket is from. The campus office does not have a good online way to pay and most of the time, especially if it is over 3 months, you have to go in person to pay it so that you can have the 'paid' paperwork with you if you do have to do something, like renew. If it City of Madison, online ( http://www.cityofmadison.com/parkingTraffic/ ) is great. Town of madison, I have not been able to find an online payment system, and the Capitol Police that are at the actual Capitol Square are actually State, so good luck finding that office.

Oh, AND!!! Some tickets have multiple places you have to pay at if it is over 3 months. If you contact the right agency and you have extra fees tacked on, make sure they are all payable at once. Some are split to the court system and have to be a different payment.

Not that I know people who have had to deal with any of this or anything...
I got a parking ticket for parking in my own space in my apartment building's lot (I wasn't displaying my placard). I forgot about it, and shortly thereafter replaced my Ohio plates with my new WI ones.

A couple of weeks ago, they found me.

Basically, they sent me a reminder in the mail and if it wasn't paid by 12/28, they were going to suspend my vehicle registration. You can pay your tickets off at www.madisonpay.com

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