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Hello Gas Mask

jinxedkisses in madisonwi

What time is it?

Time to lurch!

Tired of your rights as a member of the living dead being violated? Sick of people putting you down or worse, screaming and trying to smash your head with a cricket bat? We don't deserve to be treated like this! We will no longer stand for being viewed as lesser citizens. We need to fight for our rights and demand equal treatment.

The Coalition Of the Living Dead (COLD) will gather on Saturday October 25th at 2:00 pm at the state capitol in Madison Wisconsin and lurch for our rights as zombies. COLD encourages zombies and zombie supporters to come equipped with signs and slogans to make our point. We will raise our voices and we will not be ignored. We will lurch from the capitol down State Street to the Memorial Union.

Help our support numbers grow, please post this message on your blog, email it to your friends and bring as many people to the lurch as you can. Feel free to bring your family, children and friendly dogs to march with us for our rights.


I'm planning on writing a story about this for isthmus.com. Anyone involved with organizing/planning can message me here or contact me at zacshipley (AT) gmail (DAWT) com for more info I'd really appreciate it.
Again? Cool.
This sounds fun. What is the usual turnout?
Last year we started out with maybe 60 or 75 and picked up people as we went along. Hopefully the turn out this year will be bigger and the word can spread. Tell your friends.
Best part of the year, hands down! Everybody should at least go watch. It's pretty amazing.
Aw, man...I'm going to be in Boston that weekend.

Have fun everyone! I want to see pictures!!!

More Publicity

Have you posted on Facebook, too...?

Re: More Publicity

I don't have a Facebook. If you would please cut and paste the message above to your Facebook that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Zombies Lurched!

Awesome lurch!!! Be sure to let the good folks at Psychoacoustics (WORT 89.9FM) know for next year, they talked about it a lot on their show this year. I guess we should always plan just show up on the State Street side of the Capitol at 2pm on the weekend before Halloween, eh?
Brain Sister Heidi & Femur Angus!

Re: Zombies Lurched!

Probably not next year, we will most likely do it earlier as I am engaged to be married and we will be getting hitched in Las Vegas at that time. So look for it a couple weeks earlier.

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