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motorcycle daryl

divka in madisonwi


Although it's been said here before, I'd like to encourage all the members of this community to get out to vote. As many of you know, I moved back to the DC Metro area a year or two ago--the area where I grew up. And the wusses who live here in Maryland managed to go out and vote in spite of freezing rain and ice slicks. Here in Maryland, people can't even drive straight in the rain. So, I know the proud residents of Wisconsin won't let a few snow piles hold them back!

Plus, you all are very lucky in that you can register on the same day to vote in Wisconsin. Not only that--but you have an open primary! Here in Maryland, we have to register ahead of time and be pre-registered in a party in order to vote in that party's primary. It seriously sucks, let me tell you. I know many people who were thwarted by one of those issues when they headed out to vote.

So get out there, register at the last minute, and vote for whoever you feel like! Do it for us Wisconsin ex-pats!

Thanks from your humble moderator.


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Now if only they'd give out those super groovy "I Voted" stickers like we used to get in California. It's the perfect reward system - cast your vote, get a sticker!
Ah, we DO get the stickers here in Maryland. That's the one thing we've got going for us.
I hear you.

Although I don't miss having my feet go numb by the time I'd walk from the bus to where I worked in Madison.
Half the reason I'm working from home today is so I can make it both to the polls and to parent teacher conferences in the same evening... BOO SCHOOL BAD TIMING! ;) But now, in theory I could take my lunch and go over to my polling place (I live about 30 minutes NW of Madison, and the roads out here are still bad)
That does seem like bad timing. I assume that school isn't being used for a polling place, then?
I voted. I was bummed because I have to work late today and I hate going to the polls late. So I slept in and went this morning instead. I was #85 and it only took like three minutes. (plus 40 minutes to get through traffic to work afterwards - darn rush hour and slick roads)
I voted at 7:20 a.m. at Kennedy Elementary School on the far east side. There was no line when I voted, but there had been a line at 7 a.m. when the polls opened. I was voter #43. I'm glad I didn't wait until after work.
I vote down at Olbrich Gardens. Even though my district always has high turnout rates, I've never waited more than 15 minutes to vote, even when I stop by on my way home from work. Bravo to my local poll workers, for keeping the process moving.
I'll be there this afternoon!
I just voted at Georgia O'Keefe elementary -- there were about 10 people but it looked from the number I got that there had been a ton there earlier in the morning -- I'm pretty sure my number was in the 300s! At 9:45! Be careful though -- the roads are still nasty and slippery; my anti-lock breaks got a definite workout and I saw a couple of people fishtail. Maybe all the salt truck drivers are busy voting? :)
Yeah, I was there at 7, right after they opened and I think I was #64.
Voted in Monona with no line whatsoever. It was nice to get in and out in 10 minutes before running off to work.

Thanks for posting a heads up to everyone.
I just wanted to say hello from one DC-residing Wisconsinite to another (well, technically Maryland-residing). I switched my residency, somewhat reluctantly. It's hard to give up voting for Tammy Baldwin and Russ Feingold. They make my heart go all a-flutter.
Yeah, I'm technically in Maryland too. I grew up in Virginia, though.
Back in my hometown in PA, it was closed primary too, and they can't even vote until April 22. Makes me more grateful for being able to move here, even though I ended up slipping on the ice this morning. Owwww.
I'll be there after work. Woohoo!
I snuck out during my 15 minute morning break, since I'm working about a mile from where I vote. Even got back in time. Figured that it would take up most of the lunch hour waiting with other lunch hour voters. After work would be even worse.
I snuck out of work to vote this morning...while humming the mission impossible song...

I was number 206 and these really nice ladies gave me a cookie! Wee voting!!

I think they thought it was my first time voting.


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