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nelroshennie in madisonwi

Tragedy on state street

Working here at Towers I stumble upon random info, and some people came in talking about someone getting shot at state street brats. Once I heard this horrific piece of information, I went outside to see for myself.

From what I've heard: There was an argument between two people at Brats and one of the two pulled out a gun and shot the other in the face. There is one tv crew outside now.

Facebook: Benjamín Hoppe wrote:
So ya.. there was three shots.. the guy missed with the frist 2, but was then apprehended. The word on the street is that a guy who got shot was a "gutterpunk" homeless younger male. He died when the thrird shot hit him. A big section of state street was shut down and the actual shooting was right in front of Einstein's Bagels on state.


I used to run security there a long time ago (2000)... I always got into arguments with the owners because I thought they didn't take patron safety seriously enough.

This is a fairly bittersweet way to have my point proven...
Wow, that's fucked up. Not unbelievable, but fucked up nonetheless.

On a side note, nice job of scooping all the local media outlets. With pictures, even.
I bring my Canon S3 with me everywhere I go, never know when sh*t happens.
Hey, you're being credited in the Isthmus. Nice.

Boo for holding out another 18 pictures.

Also, what's all this beef about formatting? Are you folks on 640 x 480 or something? Jeez. I hope you've at least got color; monochrome screens are a pain.
I'm on 1024 by 768... and more colors than the eye can see. His pics are 320 wide each, for a total of 960 for just the pictures, which leaves little space for other information. It's a valid comment/request. If a visual would be helpful, I put a screen grab up at http://dorothyk.net/LJ.jpg
Huh. Fair enough. I'm only 1280 x 1024, and mine has space to spare. Sorry for dissing your monitor.
no biggie, I've got 19" dual monitors on my desktop, both set the same as yours, but this is on my 15" laptop, so it's a time when size does make a difference. Thanks for the acknowledgement tho. Back to your regular programming. ;)
that's what i'm wondering. before i moved away, i was one of those punks.
This is a very good example of the "if everyone had a gun, we'd be a lot safer" argument is absolutely bogus.
How can you say that when only one person had a gun? Now, if both parties had a gun, they would probably think twice about pulling the trigger. Especially if all the bystanders had guns, well, you get the idea.
Can you imagine the shooting taking place if no one had a gun?
I could imagine angry rubber band flinging as being a more entertaining alternative
Wow, that's obnoxious realism. Guns aren't going anywhere and won't be banned anytime, well, ever. They are an important tool for a responsible and educated citizen's security. Even if guns were banned, they would still be very real and very present.

- A liberal gun owner.
I'm with you. I think we should pass a law that says that you shouldn't be able to walk around with a gun and shoot people in the face....... Oh, wait. There is one.
so out law them.. and then only the ones who go around shooting people in the face would have them...
see the irony there?
seriously, I like the rubberband options though... that might have left a nasty mark on the face, but not like the one of death...
spitting llamas have the right idea. spit and everyone is grosses out. people leave them alone.
So there'd be ten dead people instead. Lovely.
Police press release has scant information at this point. As of 4am, the 600 block of State St was still closed for evidence processing.

RELEASE DETAILS FOR CASE# 2007-56401: Murder/Homicide
Case Date:05/22/07
Case Time: 11:54 PM
Release Date: 05/23/07
Release Time: 4:07 AM
Released By: PIO Michael Hanson
Address: 600 block of State St.
Arrested person/suspect: Male, 31, detained.
Victim/Injuries: Male, 23.

Details: On 5/22/07 at approximately 11:54 p.m. Madison Police responded to a fight in the 600 block of State St. It was learned that a street fight had occurred and that shots were fired. The victim was pronounced deceased at a local hospital. The suspect is detained and a weapon was recovered. This does not appear to be a random act and there is no continuing threat to the community. This investigation is in the early stages with witnesses and evidence being examined. Currently the 600 block of State St. is closed for evidence processing. Additional information will be available later on Wednesday.
much as I appreciate the news update, the 3 pictures side-by-side are going to force me to scroll sideways to read my friends page until this entry scrolls off the bottom of the page. Any way it can be edited so they ae not all on the same line? (I'm on XP and Firefox if that makes a difference.)
I am having this exact same problem. Lining the photos vertically rather than horizontally would fix this.
Sorry to have edited so late, but I hope that is better.
Thanks for the pics and info. I hate to be a morbid drama vulture but the honest truth is, I feel safer when I can see/know what's going on in my environment and the police/newspapers don't give you much.

I hate being proved right about things - I was down there just last night having dinner at that Russian dumpling place and thinking (as I people watched out the window) how scary the people hanging around have gotten. You can't go around judging people by their looks but still, I had a distinct feeling of "danger" that I don't usually have down there. Hopefully I'm just being paranoid and my observations are completely out of line...?
Ditto what dorothyk said... thanks for posting the pictures, but they are messing with the formatting. Could you put them behind an LJ cut please? (If you don't know how to do this, instructions are in the handy FAQ section of livejournal.)

State Street

I'm working on a story about the victim and the alleged shooter in the incident on State Street late last night. If anyone knows either of the two men, I would appreciate a call at 608-252-6492.
--Pat Simms, Wisconsin State Journal
LJ cut please!!!!
Deadly Shooting on State Street
Madison Police say a 23-year-old man was shot and killed in the 600 block of State Street just before midnight.

Police responded to a report of shots fired and found the victim had been shot. He was later pronounced dead at the hosptial.

Authorities arrested a 31-year-old man and recovered a weapon.

Police are not releasing either man's name, but they are saying the shooting was not random, and there is no ongoing threat to the community.

The 600 block of State Street was blocked off for most of the night but was reopened Wednesday morning.

Police will release more details later in the day.

We'll have the latest on the murder investigation on 27 News at 11, 5, 6 and 6:30.


Actually, from what I was told, he was shot in the chest, not the head. It's really not that important, though.

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