Can you actually get bargains at the farmer's market?

Blog posts like this one make me sad.

I have never gone to a farmer's market in Madison and spent less than $25 unless I went there to get just one or two things and I purchased absolutely nothing else, like only strawberries or just a couple of pounds of tomatoes. I have yet to encounter the mysterious 25¢ bunch of cilantro or the "cosmetically challenged" peaches for 50¢ a pound. Shopping at farmer's markets here is as expensive, or more, than a trip to Whole Foods. It's an exciting and rare moment when I find ugly, banged-up tomatoes marked down a few cents from the pretty ones. I don't care what the food looks like, I'm just eating it, but the frugal-living crowd recommends seeking out these bargains and I never find them.

I do NOT hit the market on the square with good intentions only to end up with three pies, a few pounds of cheese, an organic sustainably-raised gold-plated chicken, a hand-woven wall hanging etc. I go for vegetables, and that's what I bring home.

I admit I'm not shopping at farmer's markets often (because I don't have that kind of money to spend weekly) so maybe I'm missing something. Have you found good deals at the farmer's markets? What did you get, and at which market?

gym with upper body ergometers?

I have a broken leg and I'm getting a little crazy with no way to get some gym time during the long weeks/months before I'll be weight-bearing again. I'm in a hard cast, so I can't use a pool (and even if I could, I think the cool water would cause serious pain as the plate and screws are still very new). I belong to the Y, but they do not have upper body ergometers. Is there a gym in Madison that has these?

Obtaining marriage license and certificate/ Cool Officiants

Hey there all,

This will be my first marriage, so please pardon my total newbieness. I'm trying to get all the details in order before taking action and need a little help as far as the process goes. What are the steps to take A-C? I also need some help with officiant recommendations. A couple things we look for in somebody: Non-religious, and who would marry same sex couples. Is there a search engine website for them?

Thank you for all your help,

Me and WGH
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The Journey

My husband and I went to a new restaurant called "The Journey", which is on the east side near East Towne. It's in front of the Target, and it used to be a sports bar. Now it's a Japanese-Chinese buffet place with wonderful sushi in the buffet, too. The buffet offerings are on multiple tables, so there is plenty of choice, and the price is excellent for such food.

Just thought you'd like to know.
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Dentist recommendations?

Last year, after 20+ years with Physicians Plus, I switched my family health insurance (through work) to Unity-UW Health state and local plan. After not having coverage for routine dental work before, we now are covered through the Momentum Dental Plan. We've been going to our dentist for many years but he's not in Momentum's network, and frankly we need to get a new dentist that does take Momentum.

Does anyone have any recommendations? We'd prefer someone within 10 miles of our far-east-side neighborhood. Thanks!
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Madison Northside Garage Sale 11/2/13


When: Saturday, November 2nd, 2013, 7:30am-4:30pm

Where: 1306 Iowa Drive, Madison, WI 53704 (near Warner Park on Madison's north side)

Items for sale include:
Hutch oak, glassware, lawn tools, lp,s, cd's, dvd's, lawn chairs, snow blower, furniture (including vintage sofa with hide-a-bed), pictures (framed and unframed), bedroom vanity with mirror, vintage drop down desk, desk, end tables, lamps, small appliances, Christmas ornaments/decorations, step ladder, large wood ladder, free books your choice, other misc items



My dad is moving from 3-bedroom home to a 1-bedroom apartment and thusly has a TON of stuff he will need to get rid of.  Please feel free to stop by if you are interested or in the area!



[all were adopted in short order]

we have managed to trap 5 kittens from their feral mother and wean them onto solid food. two short-hair tiger stripe, one short-hair black, one medium hair black. 5-6 weeks old.

available for immediate adoption. accustomed to handling and people, and dogs have been nearby.

reply here if you're interested, we can then talk directly.

we're still working on trapping the mother, and plan on taking her to Friends of Ferals to be spayed and re-released, as she's been a part of our river environment for years.


Improv Classes in Madison

Atlas Improv is holding classes again starting next week.

We have been teaching improv classes and and performing shows in Madison for almost 10 years now.

If you're interested in taking a Level 1, 2, or 3 there's still one or two spots left in each. You don't need any experience at all to take a level 1.

Lots of our students have gone on to work on popular television shows and become professional stand up comedians.

For more information, you can visit or call us at 259-9999. We have two shows tonight (and every Friday/Saturday) where you can ask questions, too. Our theater is at 609 E. Washington.