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Sep. 1st, 2013



(no subject)

Are there any yoga classes going on tomorrow, Labor day?

Aug. 17th, 2013


Can anybody recommend a reiki practicioner?

I am reiki level 1 trained, but have trouble remembering to do reiki on myself. Because grounding is so important to my physical and spiritual health, I need to find a reiki practicioner. Any recommendations?


P.S I have considered going to Paul Ditchett. I found him useful as a child.

Aug. 16th, 2013

I like railways!


New Wisconsin Group!

News from 521: Wisconsin's Bisexual/Pansexual Advocacy Group

521 moves officially into outreach and activism! We're recruiting bisexuals, pansexuals and their allies for: a Bi/Pan Speakers Bureau, Youth Outreach efforts, Pride Event planning, and fabulous social events. We'll also be planning efforts to recruit people in other parts of Wisconsin - Milwaukee! Green Bay! La Crosse! Superior! Oshkosh! Eau Claire! and many more!

521 is a Wisconsin non-profit organization dedicated to creating a state-wide response to the issues facing non-monosexual individuals. We aim to provide a sense of community among members, educate organizations that serve non-monosexual individuals on how to best address our needs, and provide support to those who may be subject to erasure in both straight and LG communities.

www.facebook.com/events/710016749014048/ or www.wi521.org

Jul. 23rd, 2013

whats up


Kitty foster help

Hello. I have a friend who is about to be temporarily homeless. She has two amazing cats who need a temporary home until she gets back into a stable housing situation. We've tried shelters and other organizations but they either don't foster for this type of situation or they're all filled up.

Is there anyone here who would be able to foster these two cats for her? We need to find a safe place for them by the end of the month and it's getting kind of desperate. If you know of anyone who can help, please spread the word. You can PM me for more info if you'd rather not do so via comments. Thanks!!

Jul. 21st, 2013

toon color


Found dog

I just came home from the store, and as I was coming into the house I saw this guy heading down the stairs to the basement.

He'd been out long enough to be wet and shivering, but now that he's been dried off he seems to be recovering nicely, and seems to get along with cats nicely.

He was found on the Northside, in the School Rd./Fulton Ln area.

Jul. 2nd, 2013

flower crown


Thanks, motherfuckers

To the assholes in the white rustbucket camaro on Sherman Ave. who thougth it would be funny to toss firecrackers at me as I rode my bike home from work:


No, seriously. Fuck you.

Fuck you and the cheap beer you had been drinking, fuck the cheap ass nasty weed you were smoking. I could smell that shit as you rolled past me, hee-hawing like a pack of braying jackasses, only louder and not as useful. Fuck whoever decided to light those bottle rockets and let fly at me, fuck you hard and straight to hell.

Fuck your miserable useless lives, and that pathetic excuse for a car. Fuck you for making my evening bad.

Fuck you for triggering a flashback. PTSD sucks motherfuckers, and I hope to ghods you all die screaming and in pain and that no useful, decent person gets hurt in your flaming departure from this earth.

If I had not been reliving some bad experiences, I might have been able to get your license plate number and call the cops. As it is, I know to be alert for you assholes and if I see/smell your reeking foul asses again, I will call first and report you for assult, posession, and DUI.

No goddamn love at all you useless cretins,


May. 30th, 2013


Bachelorette Party Ideas

Help! I'm having a bachelorette party on June 15th and have probably the worst bridesmaids ever. They are zero help when it comes to planning so I need to find my own fun! There are two things I need suggestions on:

1. Any hotels in the downtownish area that you can suggest that would allow 5+ girls to stay in one room? I'm finding the max. for most is 4, but I may just have to start calling and asking nicely!
2. Restaurants! I'm not too familiar with the downtown restaurant scene. Where should we go?! It's going to be a not-too-crazy dinner (My Mom and Aunt will be there for that portion), but somewhere with a fun atmosphere that's relatively nice (and preferably not too expensive) is what I'm aiming for. Are there any specific places that cater to bachelor/bachelorette parties?
Bonus points for easy parking - my Mom has some mobility issues and has trouble walking very far.

May. 18th, 2013


Info on the McKenna/ Tottenham neighborhood

Does anybody have any information on this area of west side Madison? I am an east sider and don't know much on this area. We may be moving in over there.


May. 5th, 2013


Meteor Shower Viewing and General Stargazing

Does anyone have suggestions for a good place near Madison to go and view meteor showers...? TIA.

Apr. 26th, 2013



(no subject)

Wanted to give a shout-out to Kiefer Shaver and Appliances over on Monona.  They fixed my 10 year old Kitchen Aid mixer, coming in for less than they quoted us, were done sooner than expected and very nice to deal with!  I'm super happy with them, and would recommend them in a heartbeat!

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