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Obtaining marriage license and certificate/ Cool Officiants

Hey there all,

This will be my first marriage, so please pardon my total newbieness. I'm trying to get all the details in order before taking action and need a little help as far as the process goes. What are the steps to take A-C? I also need some help with officiant recommendations. A couple things we look for in somebody: Non-religious, and who would marry same sex couples. Is there a search engine website for them?

Thank you for all your help,



Cool - assuming Dane County, it goes like this...

You go to the County Clerks office with birth certificates and some other crap that they want (check their website).. You pay a fee, say some oath, and get a license. They'll have a list of officiants (mostly court commissioners and judges) willing to do the actual deed. Those officiants will want some nominal fee to do as such, each arranges that separately. Then you meet up, and bring two witnesses with. You and your soon to be spouse actually don't really need to do anything - the officiant ask the witnesses some questions, verifies the paperwork, may utter some niceties and VOILA you have a tax deduction.
I've done it before. The courthouse may have a list. Otherwise Joan Pape is a great lady. Ceremonies by Design
James & Connie from Happily Ever After Officiants are great at working with all kinds of "non-traditional" couples (same sex, non religious, etc) - and they're very sweet people.
I assume the ministers at any of the local Unitarian Universalist and/or United Church of Christ (UCC) churches would marry you. The UU ceremonies wouldn't even be religious; my husband and I were married in a UU church in Illinois in 1986 and, at our request, there was no mention of either "God" or "Jesus".

Sadly, since y'all are gay, you won't be able to get a marriage license in Wisconsin :(

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